Naomi Arielle - Biography

Naomi Arielle, is the 4th of 6 children, raised on her family's 4th generation Farm in Alberta, Canada.

As a child, Naomi found that the easiest way to express herself or to explain something  was through drawing, and she typically produced imaginary characters expressing vivid emotions.

At the age of 14 Naomi first received private art lessons where she learned the medium of water-colour and held her first successful Art Show.

After completing her secondary education, Naomi took her study of art to the next level.

She attended the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, and through the intensive drawing program and classical realist approach she refined techniques that have proven to be foundational for her own style and works.

In the years since completing her studies in Florence, Naomi has continued to develop skills in a variety of styles and media.  She has served as assistant to the instructor for the Living Water College of the Arts Iconography program for three years.  In the Summer of 2011, she travelled to New York’s Catskill Mountains to study landscapes in oil through the New York Grand Central Academy of Art.

Naomi has shown her art in Florence, Italy, and her works adorn private collections in Canada, the United States, and Scotland.  Her oil on canvas, Relinquished, was displayed on the cover of the Fall 2011 publication of Dappled Things.  Due to her penchant for creating vivid imaginary characters, Naomi occasionally produces illustrations for stories she finds compelling.  Captivated by J.P Kurzitza's story of a Sumo Ballerino, she made Bruno her first published collection of illustrations.

Naomi maintains an active art studio, where she continues to create new pieces and produce commissioned works, augmented by her work in graphic design.  She tutors a talented student.

please keep checking the website for new works.