Bruno is a big boy.  No, a REALLY big boy.  And he loves to dance.  No, he REALLY, REALLY loves to dance.  So it’s hard for Bruno to understand why everyone around him keeps telling him he shouldn’t.  Kids tease him at school, and his teachers keep telling him to stop.  But Bruno’s indomitable spirit keeps him thinking “Yes” despite everyone else saying “No!”

J.P. Kurzitza is the author of two YA fantasy novels, two short stories, and three non-fiction booklets.  This is his first picture book. 

He hails from Edmonton, Alberta, and lives with his four rambunctious children, an equally rambunctious cat, and an exceptionally tolerant wife.

The Sumo Ballerino

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A Walk in the Thai Sun

Retired Vancouver Police officer Sam Watson has little use for the Christian faith. When his only son, Jeff, adopts a particularly conservative form of it and then commits himself to missionary service in Thailand, Sam is understandably upset. An uneasy long distance relationship goes on until, one day, the unthinkable happens: Jeff is murdered. The mission organization wants nothing to do with the investigation and the Thai Police seem unable or unwilling to solve the crime. Sam finds himself in Thailand seeking his son’s killer with little more than his police instincts and a blind interpreter.

G.J.C. McKitrick lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with his wife, Annie. He writes poetry, songs, short stories, novels, stage plays and essays under that name, and science fiction and other forms of speculative fiction under the name T.K. Boomer.